Liz Treadwell-Newman   Nicola Purcell   Tracie Bertram   Jo Davies

 July 30 - August 15 
Please join us for floor talks by the artists at the opening
Friday July 30  at 5.30 pm
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Liz Treadwell-Newman, Nicola Purcell, Tracie Bertram and Jo Davies come together for their fifth group exhibition at Back to Back Galleries. In this exhibition they explore a connection to the Earth through their chosen mediums and themes.


Liz Treadwell-Newman looks at ‘Operating Systems’ and has created a series of evocative ceramic wall pieces she calls ‘Apple vs Android’.


Nicola Purcell has used porcelain to create hand-built and wheel-thrown forms using natural textures and references.


Tracie Bertram’s ceramic works are three-dimensional drawings that are seriously playful, and playfully serious.


Jo Davies is currently exploring the process of cyanotypes, using everyday objects and the natural elements of sun, water and wind to draw a connection between her life and where she lives.


"Each artist is exploring notions of beauty and technology in a fast-changing world. Connecting to the Earth through artmaking is an important undertaking for all of us".