Anne Gazzard     Debra Ansell     Gwendolin Lewis     Judith Hill

Friday 29th October  - Sunday 14th November

The works in this exhibition reflect four interpretations of Newcastle and its surrounds. Primarily ‘environs’ is an exhibition highlighting the areas where each of us resides and presents a collection of visual, social and environmental characteristics that provide meaning to our location and the place these four artists have in it.

Clay, pastels and oils, mixed media and experimental applications.


Judith Hill. Working farmland around Maitland offers a never-ending kaleidoscope of colour and patterns depending on the time of day and the season. There is a sense that the encroaching residential landscapes will never reach these areas.


Debra Ansell. My paintings for this exhibition not only pay homage to The Civic Fountain and its creator (Margel Hinder), but also to humble utilitarian aspects of engineering and design. With the right illumination, it becomes a feature of beauty. Isolated, it can stand alone as an art form.


Anne Gazzard. “This exhibition contains work influenced by both the surroundings of my living in the valley and the prospect of my future environs on the coast.” Landscape is the predominant influence with rivers, valleys and mountains moving to watery horizons and wildlife habitats.


Gwendolin Lewis. This series of paintings focuses on the urban environment of the city of Newcastle and its surrounds. Works on canvas and prepared paper capture everyday images of Newcastle harbour, its historic buildings, and places of interest are presented to the viewer in a visual form using colour, gestural drawing, and painting in soft pastel.